Sunday, March 6, 2011

The House is Almost Done. .... The Tile!

Yes, yes, yes.  It has been too long since last posted!   Grandma!!  I know sorry.  But here are some pictures.  I plan to have an open house the first or second week of April.  All that is lacking now is the wood flooring and carpeting.  I'm looking at a rent price of around $950 that is negotiable.  So anybody that wants to see it in person, come and see.  I'm working hard and over-time to get this project completed so I can start focusing on going to UTA in the fall; and of course start paying some of these debts off would be exhilarating.  Anyway, on to the pics. 

 The kitchen is COMPLETELY done!   And it looks amazing as you can see.  The checkerboard brown and white tile made all the difference in the world.  Look at the awesome Faucet!!
 Notice the valance curtain above the window that my mom and sisters made for me.  Yes!! looks good!  Thanks Girls!!  Also, the tile backsplash is hard to make out in these pictures but it adds a lot to the overall look.
 This arched doorway definitely elaborates the detail.  The stove actually looks surprisingly vintage.  I thought it would look lame, but it doesn't.

 I absolutely love the color in the utility room.  It is like a mint green color, so refreshing feeling.  I need Jo to take some pics with the wide angle in order to get a better view of this room!
 The shower!   Very nice.  I love it.  One thing I did not get in the picture is the octagonal tile floor!
 There is so much more in this bathroom than this picture can show.
What do you think of these colors?  Definitely like the green ceiling!

Tell me what you think.


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  1. OK this is awesome!! I really can't believe it's the same house. I thought you were out of your mind by buying an "older" house and felt sorry for you having to fix it up. Then I realized that this is what you wanted and your determination impressed me. The house will make a wonderful home for a family starting out and 950 for rent is a steal!! Good luck to you.

    Oh and my kids LOVE your band! Take care. :)