Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Cabinets are Primed!! Finally

OK, so I haven't posted like forever. Anyway give me a break, I'm a busy man. And busy is good, right?

So now I've got my cabinets primed, so everything is . . . WHITE!!!

Yes, hooray for Caulking, Sanding, and Nail-Filling. Sanding is almost Done though. Emma has been helping a bit. Just wait till I get the colors on. ... will look amaaaazing!!

Now for the Pix

The Lap Siding will get a cream color

The Bead Board Ceiling will a Dark Green

I love the way this Cabinet Looks Vintage

The Wall that is now yellowish will be a light Green!

All the Kitchen Cabinets will get green wooden knobs to match the wall color . . . .Yes!!

This wall color will be light blue
Until Next time. . Later. Can't you see how awesome it will look? Yes!!

Oh and here is the Podium I recently Made. Check out this article: http://www.examiner.com/arts-in-houston/james-ramsey-artist-impacting-ministry-aggieland